Chris Johnson is a Army Veteran Self-Made Multi-Millionaire at the age of 30. He is the CEO of his own luxury watch company called seventeenth-watches and also trade and invest in the stock market heavily. He has a discord group with over 40k members called The Wealth Squad focus on helping people in different categories on creating wealth. 

Chris Johnson has taught and influence many people from all over the world that you shouldn't have to rely on one source of income your whole life. He started just like anyone else struggling trying to make ends meet. But one day at a time he stayed focus and committed on creating enough wealth and getting out of the 9-5 life cycle that most folks are stuck in.

One of his favorite phrase he says over and over "Get Money, Buy Income"  which we should all invest our hard working money to buy more income. By doing so he invested in the stock market as a swing trader and taking profit from those trades into Dividend stocks that pays him every month. His Dividend stocks has been growing exponentially over the years, now he is able to enjoy his time freely helping countless others do the same with the courses he has made. He has created a path for all of us to follow anyone looking to escape the 9-5. Start creating wealth for you!


Cyber Money 7 Course 

White Board Magic Course