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I am an “undocumented” immigrant that was raised by a single mother in the city of San Francisco. I was blessed enough to have survived all of that so far and be able to own and operate my own restaurant for the past 13 years while being married to my wonderful wife who has been such a blessing in my life.

Since I was a small boy I always wanted to be financially better than my circumstances. You can say I was forced to be entrepreneurial in order to afford things I wanted that no one else could buy for me. As I got older I quickly found out I wanted nothing more than to be my own boss so I took action on becoming just that and opened my restaurant when I saw the opportunity.

I had money saved up from all my side hustles from middle school and high school and was working a “9-5” at a gentleman’s club where I was earning pretty good money.

I often slept over my lady’s place at that time and one day I saw the business location below her apartment up for lease and I decided to place an application with no business plan in mind. After getting the lease I looked into different businesses models but decided the best fit for the neighborhood and size location would be a burger shop and called it Uncle Boy’s as a shout out to my Filipino culture. Folded handsRed heartFolded hands

Goals I set for my self:
-To never have to be forced to work for someone else ever again. (TBD)
-To own my own home (accomplished that)
-To own rental properties (We got 1 but need more!)
-Be a good father (already a good husband Grinning face with smiling eyes)
-To build several other passive income streams (under construction)

Difficulties I had to overcome
-Being fatherless
-Being an immigrant
-Being labeled “undocumented”
-Being incarcerated as a young adult
-Being in multiple situations where I could have/should have died.

I’ve accomplished a few things. In business, in my relationships, I’ve reached levels in life most could only wish to but to me the success I’m most proud of is just simply being alive and free. Everything else is bonus I am forever grateful for.

Everyday you are alive is a blessing. See it, Hear it, Feel it, Taste it. Every breath of air you take in is proof of it. Be grateful and life will always bless you

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If you are ever in the San Francisco Area drop by Uncle Boy for some delicious burgers !

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