Niti Sarran is a 16 year old entrepreneur who in sophomore in high school earn 5 figures in yearly income from the internet. Her intention was to build a personal brand all over the internet to reach fellow young entrepreneurs and business owners generate a ton of money through consistent cash flow from various social media channels, especially INSTAGRAM.

Niti has never worked a job since she was only 14 at the time. She was obsess with the idea to trade a sale for money then trade her time for money. . As she wonder to herself through each growing years, how will I make money? She sat up on her computer on her desk and looked up on YouTube "how to make money online" she binged watch a bunch of internet guru video, drop shipping, affiliate marketing, digital marketing and ecommerce. They all had one thing in common, they all market their personal brand on social media. 

She decided to start up her own personal brand and built her followers on Instagram to show credibility so she can start selling and put more on top of her own personal brand to sell further to her audience. 

Now she's amount up to 49k in net worth all from marketing on social media mostly Instagram which she will teach you in her course.