My name is David Boyd, I’m a 22 years young serial entrepreneur from Philadelphia PA. I have a clothing brand called Thethoroughbreed, I have a course teaching how to create clothing brands, I do affiliate marketing, I’m partnered with a health & wellness company, and I’m studying to be a personal trainer.

I started being an entrepreneur because I was tired of being at the mercy of other human beings. I followed the right people & started doing personal development. After reading a few books a light bulb came on & I completely changed. I made the decision to change my life and that’s exactly what I did. Any ideas that came to my head I started manifesting. I always wanted to start my own clothing brand so I found out how to make it happen.

How I started, I started being an entrepreneur in network marketing, but branched out into starting my own clothing brand after doing a ton of research & networking with the right people. I took advantage of the opportunities given to me instead of complaining that there aren’t any.

The goals I set for myself are really just to be different than the average joe. I want to gain my own freedom. Time, financial, and location freedom. I strive to have multiple streams of income to achieve that.

Difficulties I had to overcome? Proving to everybody that I mean what I say. Also, getting results without the help of the people I expected help from. As an entrepreneur there are many problems we’ll face, but you have to become a problem solver & make it work.

Here I am 22 years old on my second year of being an entrepreneur. I’ve made $1000’s of dollars from multiple streams of income at home without a job. If I can do it, anybody can.
You can manifest your thoughts as long as you believe in yourself while also investing into yourself. Investing doesn’t just mean money, it also means knowledge.