Dontez Akram has successfully founded and grown three 6-figure businesses, including his clothing brand, 1LUV and durag ecommerce store, Snag-A-Rag. Outside of his clothing brand, just this year, Dontez Akram has earned over $300,000 with only 3 online courses that have all earned 5-star ratings on the e-course platform Gumroad. As a self-made entrepreneur, Akram has run e-commerce sales since he was 18 years old. He was drawn to dropshipping and eventually turned to delivering durags door-to-door into an e-commerce store, Snag-A-Rag. After growing Snag-A-Rag into a 6-figure enterprise, Akram began building 1Luv and creating online courses with the knowledge he gained.

He’s featured on Gumroad as the #13 best educators on their platform and has helped over 5,500 people who have taken his courses develop multiple streams of income and achieve financial freedom. Akram is also the founder of project, eCom which is a platform designed to grow brands and serve as a networking community so that those engaged can be as successful as possible