I’m Rio, 31 years old from Northern California, 707 to be exact. My career right now is in the medical field in respiratory. I've always been a hustler. I've been in sales and marketing since 2012. Me and my bro’s had a lifestyle clothing brand from 2012-2017 which helped me a lot with what I do now which is affiliate marketing. Sales jobs also played a huge part along with my mentors around me always giving me game and gems. My goal now is to scale this affiliate business to where I can own my 24 hours. I've been doing it since 12/2020 and have scaled it to 17k plus thus far and we’re just getting started.

I started to basically just make an extra income. But it grew into something more than I can think of. Now it’s just about building something from the ground up that will help me and my family retire faster and own our time. It’s also about helping others do the same thing and help them level up.

I started in December 2020 just sharing and marketing the information that helped me which were investing courses from Chris Johnson and Wealth Dad. After that I slowly built up my services and my business. Grab my course to learn my journey and strategies.

I wanna hit 25k in combined affiliate and course sales before 2022. I might shoot that goal out the water. But the ultimate goal is to scale my course and affiliate sales to 10k consistent monthly income to where I can walk away from my career.

Difficulties I had to over come?  Just being consistent. Not really difficult for me. But just showing up everyday. Probably just the biggest adjustment for me was being in front of the camera. But the more you do it the more confident you get. If you have value don’t be scared to share it. Folks need it and want it. It builds your brand up more than you know.

Success story I’m an underdog. Everything I do is profit now. I wasn’t supposed to be here. But I made a lane for myself. We all have 24 hours in the day. It’s just how we allocate and use our time. That’s the difference between folks who make it happen and folks who don’t.

In my course affiliate marketing brick by brick I go over the basics of affiliate marketing and the strategies I use on different platforms to scale with a small following. Anyone can do this and I show you how.

Everyday Lay a Brick 🧱💎